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12 Blogs taking music submissions

Words by Kavina.

Instead of working your way down a list of publications, record execs and playlists which you’re going to convince to give your band a go, why dont you check out the one’s who are screaming to get your music and your attention, first. Intrigued? Alright, read on then! 

Yes fam, there are humans out there, checking their emails on the daily, hoping to receive messages from aspiring muso’s asking for their music to be shared. - This warms our spirits too! 

Try a different approach 

In a sometimes touchy and oversaturated industry, it’s a little intimidating to know where and how to tread, without overstepping, inundating people and slipping through the cracks, when you’re just trying to get your music out there. Traditionally, the way forward was through the connections we built with journalists, PR companies and our mates, recommendations that might get you a leg in if you know Ted, who know’s Harry, who knows Bill… because name dropping gets you everywhere apparently.  

The road is many-forked, a little foggy and sometimes only a dirt path, but stick with us, we’re out here with the guys who’ve shown up with streetlights and a ‘ALL MUSIC WELCOME’ sign, so step right this way! 

Follow the ‘submit here!’ signs, but also, be street smart!

It’s so easy to get it right, but even though you can relax a little and enjoy the headrush from submitting your music to people who want to hear it, it’s kind to be good, or is it good to be kind? Either way, make sure you’re being respectful in the way you send in your tunes, doing your research before you inundate a country blog with hip-hop and really show…. 

Let's get you acquainted with some of the biggest music blog site submissions, because yes the industry is busy, but so are you! 

A & R Factory

You may have heard the name, even if you didnt know what it meant. One of the OG submission sites voted both top 10 in the UK and Top 100 worldwide, their front page does two great things; it sets the intention of connecting industry pro’s with up and coming artists, and it asks you to please submit your music now. - Go on then! 

Indie Pulse Music Zine

The super chill Californian mag is taking submissions of music, labels, local venues which support live music and generally want to review, interview and talk about you. Major emphasis on artists wanting to make music their day-to-day, and are killing it in a way that doesnt result in working minimum wage jobs in their 80’s - their words not mine(but also same). 


All genres welcome, and a bit of pride (no pun intended) for the LGBTQ+ and feminist fam, these kids started as a music radio and started blowing up the blogland with up and coming artists, hoping to set trends in exposing the unheard. Blogs like this are what we mean by doing your own research, if you want to be featured in exclusive sections like ‘Homocore’ because you fight the same good fight, you may even find a family, not just a music outlet!

Indie Shuffle

You won't find a bad review on this site, because they won’t post it. We dig - if you’ve got nothing good to say, then let the music play and leave the rest unsaid! They call themselves the humans behind music discovery, letting the robots stick to other fields of AI. They keep it pretty straight, good music, all of the genres, your new best friends doing the job for you! Cheers! 

Xune Mag 

Another mag that does all of the things, from features, to news, live reviews and videos too (oh my) - this music fam are interested in a wellrounded music culture, and boast playlist street cred because of it. We haven’t heard of many artists on their site, and from features to the listening room - they’ve showcased their artists in their best medium, be it their latest video or an ace written piece about upcoming talent. 

Aquarium Drunkard

As their name might well inform you, the theme is ‘eclectic’ vibes for the LA based ‘audio journal.’ If you’re up for a cultural excursion, heavily contributed written material by the likes of Black Lips and an extensive interview list topped by Yoko Ono, then you’ll dig the contemporary submissions meshed with alternative Jazz, psych and beyond. A+ written work, obscure depth of knowledge base, tell them about your Tom Waits - Swordfishtrombones years, and explain your take on Australian alt psych making a comeback, they’ll love it. 

Acid Stag

G-day Australia, we see you! Tried and true but not trying to boast about ourselves first, we love a good review at our local(electronic music platforms). 10 years of discovery, support and diverse musical tastes that still highlight the best of a genre and it’s alternative world fam. 

FACT Magazine

If FACT magazine were a song, we’d pick it as Jamie xx - All under one roof raving. The UK mag hits the underground electronic, rap and experimental artists. If you know the song you know the vibe. Check out the residencies, hit the mixes section, and take full advantage of the visual storytelling! We love a good revolution, and the passion for music and side-by-side tech advancement rings through their doco’s, filmscapes and renowned series such as ‘Against the Clock’ and Patch Notes - a journey through synths and electronic music production styles. 

Assemble tech baddies! 

Potholes In My Blog

Hardworking good guy/girls/etc’s, and awardwinning because of it, these music vets do the whole damn thing, with Mp3s, videos, interviews, reviews, podcasts and exclusives, and they know more about the world of hip-hop than the big publication dads. Read their review styles and you get a specificity that only comes from someone that still sits down and listens to the whole record twice before penning the most understanding note to the world about your release. Thanks for getting to know us! 

Metal Injection

We couldnt complete a list without one for the metalheads, but we know you already know about Metal Injection. Yes, we’re going to start off by expressing how impressed we were with the  ‘slay at home’ video series, because we can’t get close enough to our favourite artists at a live show to hear their tonal brilliance. We just learned about Ozzys reaction to Lil Jons reaction to Ozzys reaction to Lil Jon sampling ‘Crazy Train’ and that’s the kind of music news we need. Also, the extent and depth of this site will leave you occupied with new music for days. Metal Injection have invested, are the best in their field, and they are open to being amazed by you ASAP. 

Tone Deaf

One exclusively for the locals, and brought to you by Brag Media so you’re in close and familiar company, and you’ve got the homeland advantage. The news outlet is large and incharge, featuring music news from Kimyes divorce to engaging it’s ‘observers’ in new music active participation, even offering incentives to win prizes if you post a review. Community is the focus for this team, but once again, with so many publications under the Brag Media hat rack, it pays to do your research so you can see where exactly your music or submission type would fit best. 

The Music Ninja

They had us at Ke$ha fan conversion and audio-detection of mediocre basslines. Not all heroes wear capes/but a lot of them probably have noise and BS cancelling headphones like the team of Music Ninjas. Bring it to us! Seems to be the general theme for this discovery site, and they dont discriminate by genre, only by aural goodness! If you’re good, you’ve got nothing to worry about, so do some soulsearching before you approach! 

This is just the beginning, so get excited but be cool about it.

Once you’re done with this list, do a google search and you’ll learn just why you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to finding industry leaders who would love to give your music a go. We’ve given you a bit of insight into the character of some of the majorly recommended blog sites taking ‘serious’ submissions because in the ‘send one, send em all’ culture of online content, quality and a bit of honest introspection will get you the best results when it comes to actually having your music featured. 

If a blog site can see that you’ve tailored your content, done your research, and haven’t copy-pasted a pitch in your submission, they are more likely to take you seriously, because they can see that you’ve taken your presentation seriously and you take their blog quality seriously. Music is a family affair, and we’re all stronger together if we’re sharing for the right reasons! Good quality, good people and good friendships! 

With great knowledge comes great responsibility so get out there and kill it... responsibly. - Profound, we know. 

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