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6 Apps to help record like a pro

Words by Kavina.

Music production software has become as tactile and intuitive as the evolution of our iPhone capabilities. Creativity ventures to skyward limits and musicians from novice to pro’s alike can have the accompanying pocket synths and baby DAWs in mini app size along for the ride, wherever their journeys may lead. 

iOS or Android? Step right up, we got you. Here’s six of our favourite music production apps right now. 

1. Garageband (iOS only)

We can’t go past ye old faithful. 

It’s relentless dedication to updates, touch instruments, full fledged recording studio, sharing capabilities, third party recording, the list goes on. My favourite features include the amp and stompbox effects for electric guitar as well as the session drummer feature. There’s just so much room for activities!

2. Voice recorders 

Voice memo - (iOS)

It’s basic, it’s free and it’s probably the only recording app you’ll ever use anyway because it’s so damn easy.

Easy voice recorder - (Android)

Great for live recordings and rehearsals, heaps of recording formats and easily shareable via email or your favorite social app, not to mention sweet editing options.

3. FL Studios DAW  (iOS and Android) 

Definitely the best of the app adapted O.G DAWs. 

Synths, samplers, loops and drum kits oh my! This DAW is hotter than your average and as close to a full beats studio as you’ll get. Ideal for next level electronic production value if you just can't stand a moment of separation between you and your projects. 

4. Synth magic  

Minimoog Model D synthesizer (iOS only)

I got this puppy for free at the beginning of COVID lockdown and it kept me pretty preoccupied during iso-boredom. The legendary first portable synth has some newer features you wont get on it’s big bro, like built-in arpeggiator, 4-notes polyphony, and MIDI-CC mapping and it can be used with Garageband. It’s got over 160 built in sounds and works with real-time loop-recording plus unlimited overdubbing. Also it looks so slick.

Korg iKaossilator (Both iOS and Android)

Big synth energy in a palm-size. Record drums, create loops and play realtime while djing live with the dynamic 5 layer loop-sequencer. With over 150 sounds and key/scale options, X-Y touch interface delivers a fluid human movement component. I’m a sucker for the pretty flashy lights that dance along to the intensity of your beats creations, plus it’s got a collaborative feature with soundcloud. 

Though precision can be frustrating we give it props for the tempo-lock and beat sync features and beware of crashing issues when trying to save loops.

5. Roland Zenbeats (Both iOS and Android) 

Speaking of a tactile definition of music, our good mates at Roland had this in mind when creating this intuitive touch screen DAW. User Friendly for even the newbiest of muso’s, with beat sync, keylock and loop-building give you a leg up.  Plus it features the signature Roland TR-808 and TR-909, TR-707 drum machines. Keen.  

6. Endless (iOS only (for now)

Described as the Whatsapp of music production, Endless is all about creating riffs and sharing or building on them with the shared music community. A no pressure, creative escape with a fully equipped beats building tool, plus apparently Imogen Heap and Flux Pavillion are regular contributors, so you could be playing with some celeb musicians riffs or one of them could pick yours up. Plus it’s free!

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