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BoomChild - ‘Every Little Thing’ Review

Sydney’s soulful music collective, BoomChild have just released their debut single and hooley dooley, she’s delightful.

Coming together through strokes of luck and algorithmic miracles, the DM sliders that form this 6 piece are a testament to the curative opportunities of Instagram culture. Happening upon each other’s profiles, BoomChild came to be through mutual love of soul, hip hop and new RnB.

Every Little Thing resoundingly draws influence and spirit from the track history of Anderson Paak. If you listen closely, you can even hear the punch of an almost perfect replication of Anderson’s, ‘yeah,’ within the first 20 seconds of the song. With synth swoops and diverse vocal/rap arrangements, the track births a Kaytranada-esque dance groove -rain pitter patters and claps included.

While their sounds can be likened to these RnB greats, it isn’t to say their lacking originality, they’re literally on par with some of the sounds produced by the above mentioned artists because their flavour is so fresh. The body of the track is fluid and constantly spurring a pelvic groove - I’m talking Dirty Dancing pelvic, baby.

BoomChild are a collective that usurp an energy that’s totally infectious. Even flicking through their Instagram content, documentation of their rehearsal sets in the ‘BoomHouse’ are electric and super satisfying to watch. The group have built a community of rappers, singers and instrumentalists from all walks of the NSW grassroots community. Artists with regular features include melodic queens, Maina Doe and RISSA.

Mastered and mixed by some of the greatest in the biz at Studios 301, Every Little Thing is as smooth as a clean run of vibrating frets on Guitar Hero. Ouft.

This synergetic outfit will be stomping around AMW in early November, make sure to get down to one of their showcases and ‘Funk up the bass.’


- Peta

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