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We Reviewed Mona Bays New Tune - Death Alley Ghost

Words by Peta.

Another release from the north-eastern Melbourne outfit, Death Alley Ghost is a testament to the growth and progression of Mona Bay’s garage rock etiquette.

Death Alley Ghost is a song which breeds nostalgia to adolescent romance. Their sentiment, while always tasteful, feels innocent and curious with messaging that could ignite memories of a teenage crush that never reached fruition, classic. Or it might just make you feel like sinking into the outdoor share house sofa over a yarn with a pal or two, maybe discussing your anguish after the fact.

Bryce Gardiner’s vocals are cleaner, the group’s synchronicity is tighter and the overall journey of the track is smoother than ever before. Dynamics from verse to chorus are powerful with belter vocal and guitar crescendos, akin to a classic Weezer record.

The group’s creative maturity is an undeniable demonstration of the band’s active engagement and exposure to the Melbourne and regional Victorian gig scene. With every newly conceived release, the group’s abilities are elevated.

In the 2 or so years since their inception, the group has managed to play as often as physically possible. You’re likely to find the gang bouncing between Fitzroy venues every weekend, usually trailed by an entourage of around 40 regular followers and fans.

Energetic punters soar to their gigs like flies to an unmanned frothy. If you can get in the Mona Bay posse, you’ll never have to experience a dull weekend ever again.

Since their formation, the band have released two huge EPs and a boatload of tracks. Their energy is transforming in a live setting just as much as their recorded material.

They’ve packed out the likes of The Workers Club and Yah Yahs in Melbourne in recent shows, sparking both death pits and arm to arm comradeship within the same set - they’re even growing a yankee fan club on the other side of the globe.

Wanna throw it back with an ice cold Ribena that hits the spot? Check out the track here. Or you can also catch the band on the Muso platform and book them for your next gig, or you know, just listen to them while you moan about how the landlord won’t let you throw a loose backyard festival.

If you know of an act slaying the game right now, slip into our DMs or shoot us an email, we’ll be sure to scout the talent and give them the recognition they deserve. 


Nice one, fellas.

- Peta

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