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How to: Pitch yourself as an artist

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If only Pitch Perfect was actually a feel-good singing movie about making the perfect artist pitch. Some would say that struggle street for an artist begins after creativity, and ends just before you get the chance to perform. The hustle is in the middle bit, which is getting your music out there, and being given the chance to be heard.

 If you’ve got the right formula, you’ve just gotta have the patience to wait for it to work. Here’s a few things to keep in mind.  

Connect the right way, and mention your friends in common

It can feel super impersonal to send in demos via email but there is still room to make first impressions count and connect on a personal level. The best move is still to check the website for instructions about demo’s which will obviously lead you right to an email address which probably starts with info@ or demos@, but if there isn’t a ‘don’t call us, we’re very busy’ vibe you’re reading between the lines, then holla at them and be really nice to Marge at the front desk. 

If you haven't got a mutual friend or community link to establish a connection then at least you’re pals with Marge. People are 98.6% more interested in what you’ve got to say if they know you’ve been recommended by a friend. 

Be genuine, and keep it short. Elevator pitch in a 6 story building short. 

Get to the good bits and don’t leave people guessing. Chances are, if they don’t catch your vibe from the pitch, they aren’t going to call you for more information. Be your charismatic self but show them you mean business. 

Start by introducing your sound and use other artist and genre comparisons (e.g. My sound is country Stevie Nicks crossed with late The Kinks.) Casually list your credentials and finish off with your artist intentions (e.g we’d love to play for this festival.)

Sign off with an intention to follow up, and then add your artist website link and send. 

Yes, you need an artist website and an online presence

If you haven’t got your online electronic presskit (EPK) and band socials up to scratch then you’re giving off the vibe that you only kind of want a record deal, or that you’re so talented that your demo is going to get signed quicker than the ten years it took Big Sean “to become an overnight success.” Yes, I'm quoting rap lyrics, to make my point. 

Your EPK has all your info, artist pics, influences, shows played, socials listed, music links, reviews, all of everything. Besides your music, it’s the most important resume any artist can have, and it’s what allows you to just be yourself instead of talking business interview styles when you’re trying to get a gig or put your music out. 

Broaden your horizons

You don’t have to play a gig or be signed to a label to be seen. Spotify and youtube playlist accounts, podcasts, instagram features, you name it and it probably exists. Your story could be making world fame because your song took off on Tik-Tok. Yeah, i'm not sure about that kind of world either, but don’t limit yourself. All exposure is great, and it allows you a chance to create an online following all over the globe. 

You miss 100% of the Tik-Toks you don't make… or something inspirational like that. 

Big bookings come and go but booking platforms are consistent

Take matters into your own hands and sign up to a booking platform like Muso App. Let hirers come to you, whether it’s for an indie festival or new venue looking for fresh artists to join their lineup. Sometimes it's hard to be in the loop about what’s out there, and putting a profile on a booking app puts you right in the limelight and evens out the two-way street communication. Gamechanger! 

Now that you’ve implemented all that, hopefully you manage to wait it out gracefully while keeping our spirits high. It’s never been a better time to be an artist out in the world trying to make it. Try out Muso App and let us join you on the journey, hopefully to some place with an epic soundsystem. 

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