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PREMIERE: Juno Disco - You're So Hung Up On My Colours

Words by Peta.

The kings of “poppy dance bangers,” Juno Disco, are back from their lockdown dance parties - and they’re ready to share the party with us. 

Their latest titillating track You’re So Hung Up On My Colours just dropped and we’re going ahead and throwing it on every playlist we’ve got, from Deep Work Zones to Shower Scrubbies - it’s a song paired well with water, that’s for sure. 

Lounge room disco parties are a thing of the past, with pre-drinks moving from the kitchen to the clerb (probably a bar with a DJ playing, let’s be real) we can give this track the hip-thrusting it deserves.

Albert Salt and Flamingo Jones want you to feel the music with every inch of your body, mind and spirit. Does it make your toes twitch? Your nose itch? Your brain think? Wow - experiential. 

The song’s premise was inspired by the glitz, ritz and shit in show business - something they both know too much about. It’s laden with their signature synth pulses, galactic energy and poppy falsetto vocals. A shoe-tapping joy ride for all the sequin-clad cool-cats. 

Since taking a breather from the spotlight, the team have obviously worked hard to deliver a premium slice of disco pie for us all. Working with mastering aficionado Joe Carra (King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Pond), we’re pleased to tell you that this baby has been stroked, fondled and exported by the best of the best. 

It’s been a while between drinks for the duo - their last release was their self-titled EP way back in 2019 (a simpler time). With some creative projects on the way and a new video clip, you best believe Nick and Albert have been busy during the interim and this slice of pie is just the entrée (or the first of several slices… whatever portioning system works for you, I guess).

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