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Telescreen - Growing Pains


The Melbourne 5-piece have just dropped their debut EP and the result is a 6-track ultra bonanza of indie-pop fusion. A ‘bonanza’ because it’s got us feeling like a bunch of groovy dags doing the twist on the checkered tiles of our 70s inspired kitchen - visceral af.


Coming off the bat of an extremely successful introduction into the music scene, Telescreen have already scored illustrious industry recognition within only 18 months of activity. Over the course of their 1.5 year career, the band have secured the best in the biz to work on their recent release.


2018 saw the band form a relationship with Dean Tuza of Halfway Records to produce their two-track release of esteemed songs, ‘Crowded’ and ‘Love Proud,’ both of which received vast airplay across Australian radio waves. Tuza was back on board to produce the EP both in the confines of Halfway Records’ studios and his own abode.


To add to their industry scope, Growing Pains was mixed by ARIA nominated Tony Espie and mastered by Stepford Audio Mastering’s, David Walker.


The band’s high flying affiliates don’t stop there, the last 18 months have seen the band rocket into the live music scene through support acts with the likes of Mosquito Coast, Diet, Approachable Members Of Your Local Community, Teenage Dads, STUMPS and Ivey.


The sophomore release aligns itself strikingly to 2018’s single successes, and with their performance catalog growing by the second, Telescreen are a formidable force entering the music domain.


Title track, ‘Growing Pains,’ untangles the mental chaos that is existential crisis and identity resolve. Lyricist and frontman, Nic Schwarz confesses the track is a nod to the power of accepting the mind at a crossroads without demanding self-actualisation.


The EP in it’s entirety consists of angsty beats and repeated mantras. It’s a series of 6 tracks that help you shake off the dust of your shitty self-assessments and regrets, turning them into festival glitter that’s as stubborn to get out of your hair as these songs are to get out of your head!


Telescreen are about to dominate radio, screen, web and stage. Get yourself a ticket to a live show as soon as you can.


Upcoming slots include The Espy on the 19th of October and Pennyfest Australia at Evelyn Hotel on the 9th of November.


Great work, pals.


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