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The Alley Cat - Official Launch

Not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s a new cat on Melbourne’s Johnston St block.


The venue for all cool cats, The Night Cat, has just birthed a new breed of feline right next door, The Alley Cat. It sounds pretty grimy. But that’s what it’s all about.  


The Alley Cat’s guests are anything but Arisotcats, they’re more like Salem. They make magic, without their mouths even moving. Just kidding, sometimes their mouths move.


From the likes of The Mamas to Prehistoric Douche, GoDogGo to Cosmic Kahuna and a cheeky jam or two in the middle, this slinky new booth and velvet laden extension, is full of the hottest new tune twisters you can get your paws on.  


The Alley Cat activates on weeknights, so if you’re hanging for an after work hit of music and grooves no matter the genre, you’ll find the night and do it right.


Mondays are ‘Jazz Jams’ thanks to 56K Records, Tuesdays onboard the coolest new talent across all genres for ‘Sonic Textures’ and Thursdays are Rock and Punk in ‘Era Feralis.’


Even though these shows have been happening over the course of the year, springtime has marked the perfect opportunity for a party and launch for the new-ish venue. 


Headed by our very own dazzling Muso herself, Maddy Herbert (Velvet Bloom), the night is sure to be a celebration for the Melbourne emerging artist scene.


Obviously, the launch will be showing off the venue’s newly acquired favourites. The bill includes YARA, Amber Ferraro, Velvet Bloom + The Vito Collective as well as a solo performance by Lara Prokop.


The Alley Cat can get intimate and gloriously cozy so make sure you RSVP here and get down this upcoming weekend. Suss the event here and flick on those ‘Going’ tiles for cool points.


…We’ll be there, obvy.


Stay groovy, kitties.


- Meow (Peta)

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