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Locker Room Talk with The Moving Stills

Words by Peta.

Locker Room Talk with The Moving Stills

We caught up with central coast lads, The Moving Stills, after their beach stage set in

Cronulla at Australian Music Week a couple of weeks ago.

They’ve just released, ‘Stick Around,’ a tune that truly hones their garage surf roots -

even incorporating some of their original demo. The track’s concept was inspired by

the group’s individual experiences touring and playing gigs, nurturing relationships

and balancing all kinds of connections without neglecting one for the other.

While we could have spoken exclusively about the bands’ latest single release, what

ensued that evening may not have fit the mould of stock standard music journalism -

but we’re not mad about it.

Post sunset on Cronulla Beach with a festival on, there aren’t too many options for a

quiet interview space, so a lifeguard shack it was - and boy did it bring some golden

gags with it.

Prepare for an onslaught of ridiculously random content ranging from locker discoveries, emerging artist insights and even Mike’s interest in pyramid schemes - useless or

looseness, you be the judge.

The Moving Stills are currently touring ‘Stick Around,’ along the east coast, playing

Lost Paradise festival to close the year.

Catch them if you can, Tom will give you some hair treatment tips if you’re lucky.

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