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David Andrew is really onto something with his new act Berlin.

Firstly all we want you to do is listen to the track below. Make sure you listen to it start to finish, close your eyes if you have to. Zone out, disconnect and lie back in that office chair, bed or recliner.

If you listened to it with your eyes closed, now watch it with your eyes open.

David’s track is such a versatile piece that bridges gaps between a number of disciplines and genres. Electronic meets classical. Berlin feels like something you could hear everywhere from a high-end restaurant to a meditation getaway.

The song begins with a subtle grand piano melody, heavy with delays and other effects that we can’t quite put our finger on. It’s quickly united by a chord progression that drives the remainder of the track. Touches of synth come over the top to make way for a trippy but structured set of keys, before David subtly brings in a kick (triggered by a novation midi) which is the cue and introduction for the switch in pace. The build-up culminates with the use of a vocoder that adds an organic sound, cutting through the track whilst complimenting it perfectly.

Even more impressive, the entire song is done completely live, using a grand piano, a Moog synthesiser, a vocoder and drum programming to bring it all together. He then loops it all in perfect succession to create a coherent piece that graces our ears.

“I feel at home in the unfamiliar, constantly trying to go somewhere that I haven’t been before, to go where the music is about to go.”

The track honestly feels like a journey, something that could sit perfectly in the narrative of a number of storylines, each taking you to a different place. It doesn’t surprise us at all that David’s music can be heard in the Warner Bros film “Justice League” as it has such a story telling element to it. Berlin gets us curious to hear more and is truly an experimentation that David has built out into an entire act. Berlin is a perfect and compelling piece that pushes where live music can go in a new but honourable way.

Beyond Berlin, David is decorated in other facets of the music industry, having worked with artists from the UK and US. He worked with Gang of Youths on their last 3 projects, seeing them lead the charge with 8 nominations at the Australian Aria Awards, and 4 wins on the night, including Album of the Year. We’re not surprised that he was able to create such a beautiful piece.

You can book David’s act ‘Berlin’ to fill the crevices of a venue great or small on Muso. We think it’s a perfect example of innovative live music that can add something new to any space.

In the end, we know that David will always want to keep moving forward, keep striving for new sounds and new sonic territory. His live performances and recent recordings are proof of this.

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