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How to collaborate while in lockdown

Words by Gabrielle Zgrajewski.

Keeping busy while in self isolation is at the tops of everyone’s mind, wandering what they will get up to next. For musicians, although a tough time, it can also be a time to reflect and create new music - whether it’s alone or with friends. Despite sitting in your bedroom, with just yourself and your instruments, there are still ways to collaborate with others. 

Create Music (online) 

If you have an idea for a new tune but need to flesh it out with some instrumental or need help with lyrics, give your buddies a call through FaceTime, Skype or even Zoom. If you’re wanting to jam as a band, or work collaboratively with other artists on a tune, Skype or Zoom can provide that multi-person platform to host more than two parties. 

During a time of isolation, it can be the best time to create music, as you will have a lot of time on your hands (that you have washed thoroughly we hope). Use this time for writing sessions, planning of albums, tours, new merchandise, jamming and brainstorming, so that you can kick off majorly once venues open up and start to book gigs again. 

Go Live

Hop onto instagram, start a live stream and invite one of your favourite local artists to join! Do a Q&A with fans, talk about music, jam a little bit. Shed some light of the COVID-19 situation and continue to entertain while practicing social distancing. 

This can help keep in touch with fans, update them if you have been writing new music, and have a chat about what’s been going on. Artists like singer-songwriter Didirri has been getting onto his Instagram and live streaming by himself and with other artists while playing piano, collaborating and keeping fans up to date with what has been going on and providing a bit of sunshine for those who need it. 

Make some Money

To make some extra cash, collaborate with some artists in merch and CD packs. Put together a big pack with a few other local artists and raffle it out, or make some smaller packs that people can buy directly off your socials or on places like Bandcamp to generate some money. In doing this, share others packs as well if other artists or bands are selling merchandise to make some money.

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