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Night Cat Re-Opening! Islands In The Stream

The Night Cat are bouncing back into action, they know you’ve missed live music and they’re ready to give it to you!

Their plan of action involves weekly streams of local acts gracing the notorious 360 degree Night Cat stage for your viewing pleasure. Audio engineered and geared up with lights, camera and much actions, the viewing experience will be a refreshing reinvigoration of streamed performance - no more bedrooms! 

Maddy Herbert (Velvet Bloom) and Chris Gill (Northside Records) will lead the night conducting artist interviews and cheeky segways with their funky good looks and ultra charismatic presentation skills. 

From 8-11pm Friday nights you can stream the best of local talent for a discounted gig price.

This week Islands In The Stream present We will be presenting some incredible local artists including Groove City (Live), Amaru Tribe, Clifton & Claps!

Celebrating the launch of The Night Cat’s exclusive new crowdfunding packages, Live In The Stream is combatting the Covid tragedy by providing a source of community and venue salvation. 

Packages include; the Golden Ticket, VIP Experience and VIP Drink cards. Support one of Melbourne’s iconic venues by pre-purchasing any of these exclusive experiences.

Their tier package, The Golden Ticket, gives you and a mate one year of free entry to unlimited shows, even the sold out ones! At the same time we are here to support our local musicians and will be taking donations on their behalf.

Head to their website for further information.

Tune in via Facebook, YouTube and Instagram on Friday 22nd at 8pm

RSVP here

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