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Boomchild's 'Tight Jeans' Busting Our Jeans

Words by Peta.

The always eclectic Boomchild collective are back with a banging new single, Tight Jeans. 

Released on Friday, this track has a darker, Paak, Oxnard feel to it compared to earlier releases. It’s less cheeky more tongue in cheek, less flirty more dirty. It insinuates a little bitta polygamy, a little bitta rivalry and a lot of mr steal yo girl, but it’s bomb and that’s all that matters so time to pack your silly morals away.

Tight Jeans is a moody song of thirst and built up sexual and intimate frustration. Why isn’t she texting you, why are her thirst traps on public, where’s your special treatment??? The woes of being unlucky in lust… with someone else’s girlfriend.

Like all Boomchild releases, the energy is high and the grooves are deep. Charbel takes the lead, rapping with bold purpose.

There’s a sly bit of flute in the background with some quirky horns making a feature too, as always the range of the boys’ skillset and their producing abilities combined with the Studios 301 team are impeccable. 

While they haven’t been able to pull out the big feature gigs they had lined up earlier in the year with the likes of Hermitude, they have a lot to look forward to like the upcoming Yours and Owls Fest as well as the 2020 Winter Wine Festival alongside The Rubens and Safia. 

The gang are stepping it up and we’re so excited to watch them take it to the next level. They’ve just joined the team at Niche Artists so with the backing of an incredible local agency, they’ll be pushing further in no time.

Can’t wait to see them thriving in a live setting soon enough, until then, it’s Tight Jeans on repeat

You can listen to the track here: https://open.spotify.com/track/3IUPrcDYXUthNMqGtJOOUq?si=p1aCU42QSE6apMzyq31FMQ

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