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Future of Live Music for Bars and Pubs in Melbourne

Words by Kavina.

Doors may have been closed but venues have been busy focussing on their post-COVID glow up and prepping for the new reality of hospitality. So what are things going to look like coming out of a pandemic? Well… a lot more civilised actually (sorry to all the savages). 

There’s less than a month before VIC stage four lockdowns “ease up” and since you’re probably sick of talking about your venue's COVID safety plan we thought we’d share what reentering the scene will probably look like for our hospo and live music industry. 

Temperature checks from Chemist Warehouse to the club because safety first!

To avoid impending relapse and reclosure, venues will be cracking down on patron health and safety, starting from their venue lineup and applying extreme caution with their workers who may continue to wear masks in areas of close contact for the foreseeable future. COVID-safety marshals will have the job of making sure venues are appropriately sanitizing all surfaces and necessary hygiene measures are kept up to scratch. 

Mandatory 4 square ft of personal space bubble

All band members will have to keep to a  2m apart headbanging radius. Some clubs might take a leaf from Queensland club Retro’s and pull out the no-stranger-snogging stick to remind patrons of the distancing rules. If Falls Fest can pull off a New Year's miracle and manage not to cancel then their organisers may just go down in history as social distancing legends, their tactics being used for years to come by government organisations and credited alongside master war strategist Sun Tzu.  

Trad(itional) ordering was cute but Quick Service Requests (QSR) IS the new level, please get on it. 

R.I.P. ordering kiosks and hello contactless menus. Personal phone ordering apps like Me&u, and Mr Yum have reached overnight fame, whereas this time last year, they couldn't even get a callback. System upgrades may seem like a huge cost right now but think of all the customer spending data at your fingertips. Deliveroo has been trailing its own dining-in QR called tabletime to keep up with the new delivery market and if it means we don't have to do the dreaded walk back from the bar with four beers because it's our round then I don't know why this didn't happen as soon as iPhones were invented.

“I’m dancing on the inside” is now more than just an emotion 

Take a leaf out of Melbourne's The NightCat who have converted their jazz club dancefloor to full sit down space only. Self expression and freedom of body movement will be confined to what can be achieved from the safety of your seat. Sorry not sorry to the dancefloor creepers who were trying to bump. 

Venues should reserve the right to kick people out for any rogue spirit fingers though. 

And what about live music venues? House parties a.k.a intimate live music experiences could be the future!

Live music giants like the Tote and Corner Hotel pride themselves on a full calendar of cheap gigs by making most of their profit from alcohol and large crowd attendance .  Venue’s are faced with either hiking ticket sales, hosting multiple short concerts on the same night to a limited capacity or just calling it. 

But we’ve heard the term “house parties” being thrown around the ideaspace, which could see the rise of gig experiences similar to Sofar, where musicians and hosts collaborate to bring intimate live music experiences to secure locations like a living room or rooftop.  Pop-ups could solve an overcrowding issue and showcase Australian music culture and cities in a whole new light.

Ok so it’s all looking a bit “hall-monitory” for the rest of the year but we really can’t wait to see how innovation rocks hospo venues by streamlining our services and taking live music experiences to unchartered territories. In the meantime start planning for opening day by checking out Muso App and tee’ing up with some fresh and eager to perform socially distant artists. If you’re new to our app, consider us to be like the music industry’s QSR for connecting artists with venues, and it’s all contactless. We’re ready for the re-up! Venue-goers politely assemble! 

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