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Running a day party at your venue

Words by Kavina.

Ain't no party like a daytime party. Ask any workweek 9-5 Joe who wants a mimosa with his dance music, and to see the sun after a week of working on his office tan. Give us a day party so we can stumble home at 9 pm, order that dirty pizza and die a metaphorical death beside it in bed, while still emerging fresh on a Sunday morning with a whole other day ahead of us.

Yass, we want our breakfast Bloody Mary, and we want to drink it too… 

That’s our impressive segue into chatting about how day parties could be a significant vibe for your venue.

Think of all the new friends you’ll make

Day parties open your venue up to a whole market of opportunities for live music, promotions and customer reach. Besides creating an event which allows a customer to spend an entire day with you, your venue is going to be jam-packed with your regulars, their friends and the neighbours who both get up and go to bed early. There’s a whole different energy associated with daytime festivities, where people wake up feeling good, seize the day and the sky's the limit! It’s a great way to draw attention to your venue in the neighbourhood and revitalise your presence amongst the other bars. Bring in some live music, and there’s no way you won’t make your mark alongside the ranks of successful day-party throwers? Is that what they call themselves? IDK. 

The sun's out, g’uns out. And by g’uns, I mean G(ood)’uns 

Did we mention the sun? Yes, that big beautiful ball of light in the sky that fills our cold hearts with warmth and the capacity to socialise. Let's use that ball of light to get all the beautiful people out of our parks and into our venues for a cheeky little party. Why do we have all these glorious beer gardens and rooftops anyway? We need to fill them with eager vitamin D enthusiasts, so they can party the day away with some outdoor jam sessions and without the anxiety of treacherous hikes to park bathroom facilities. Use the excuse of a beautiful sunny day to show off your outdoor spaces in a whole new way to your guests. 

Imagine the specials  

Let us introduce you to the bottomless brunch crew. If I had to think of one phrase to sum this group up, it would be a commitment to the cause. They woke up at 9 am just to be here to drink copious amounts of alcohol, alongside their fabulous three-course breakfast, which we might add is impressive and delicious (well done you). Not only do they want to drag breakfast out a little bit longer, but they are also probably extremely keen to stick around for the rest of the day and party with you. From brunch until dinner time to be exact! Get creative with your specials, value for money with a whole day experience is not only an easy option for customers but a great way to highlight everything your venue has to offer. Whether it’s those super saucy pizzas and crafty beermosas, try out your wildest (but smartest) ideas and see what sticks. It’s all research for future day party endeavours. 

Keep it fresh(ly squeezed OJ) by using live music

Adding music to any party is an instant win. Keep it going all day in your venue, and you’ve now created the world's tiniest neighbourhood festival, and you’re officially killing it! Well done. The only thing better than daytime drinking is daytime live music. It’s just a joy to our senses because the music isn’t that late-night stuff we’re used to, that makes us want to stay awake all night long. We’re already awake, and we’re keen for that pachanga band or chill Beach Boys covers. Team it up with bottomless brunch and you’ve made all our gimmicky dreams come true. 

Get next level with a mix of different music artists 

Whatever your theme, from salsa party music with breakfast burritos and micheladas to chicken and waffles with bacon-garnished Bloody Mary’s, with a side of country (yeah this isn’t our first breakfast rodeo). Have a mix of swingin’ bands and DJs to take this party to the next level. Not only are you giving up-and-coming neighbourhood music an avenue to shine, but you’re showcasing a whole life experience around food, drink and music, something that patrons can take away and fondly associate with your venue. The world is your oyster, and you could get creative with your music pairing. Start the day with some acoustic or instrumental acts; a few bands from midday and then the caramel topping on the pancakes is some disco DJs to finish the party off by late afternoon. 

Also, how cool would a breakfast rodeo be??? Too far? Okay! 

To pull all this off you, need some professional sound helpers

Having a professional sound team onboard to coordinate the day is extremely helpful, especially if you choose to have different kinds of live acts. From DJ systems to mic setup, acoustics and whole-venue sound levels. It’s the difference between a professionally curated event that people will remember to that too quiet vocalist or extreme distortion that ruined people's days. Getting a backline crew, like the guys at BHSS, to help you get the most out of the sound for your venue means you can focus on your guests, customer service and making sure the day runs smoothly. 

We won’t get into the glitz and glam of decor but splashing out on your online presence goes far

Yes, running a day party is a showcase event that helps to bring your venue into the local spotlight, so it's a great opportunity to broadcast yourself all over social media and let the world know you exist. As well as using fun Instagram stories, quirky Twitter lines and Facebook events, look up local neighbourhood listings for food and music to build affiliations and market yourself to a broader demographic. Listings on trusted blogs and social media sites are the go-to in our busy worlds, especially when looking up events near us. Running a day party with the big three - music, food and drink is a great way to put your venue on the map. 

Booking artists with the Muso App

As you can see, we’re inspired by the possibility that you can create your take on live music experiences at your venue. For a diverse range of fresh local talent to suit the day-party of your dreams, look on the Muso app booking platform to connect with musicians in your neighbourhood. We’re all about being DTE (down to earth) and making it easy for musicians and venues to collaborate. We leave the g’day’s up to you guys and help take care of the booking side of things from making acquisition easy to booking, invoicing and payment. 

Can we please have a mimosa now? 

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