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Our Mission

We’re sick of hearing that another live music venue has closed down. We’re sick of hearing that noise complaints are killing our industry AND we’re sick of the lack of real local gigs.

The world has changed. People don’t need to leave their houses any more for entertainment. Platforms now supply movies, tv shows, games and even food to lounge rooms on demand. In the past, going out was the best way to entertain yourself, and because of this, local live music flourished. Every bar, on every street had a gig. It was wild.

But now we’re seeing consistent losses of the local gig - a type of gig that supports the up-and-coming musicians who are the greats of tomorrow. To us, the local gig is the birthplace of live music.

So we want to bring it back. We want to help EVERY venue, in EVERY city host live music and create nights to remember. We want to remove every barrier and excuse to not host live music.

And with that, we want to create more gigs, which turn into more opportunities for more artists. We hope that by doing this we can support the next generation of musicians with a steady and consistent income source to fuel creativity and help them (and the live music industry) thrive.

More live music in more places.

Muso was born from the realisation that live music was complicated.

For artists, landing your first gig or consistent gigs was a matter of tedious networking and tiresome hustling. Once a gig was landing, organising your schedule looked like a series of messy spreadsheets and question marks when tax time came round, and getting paid, on time, every time, for the right amount was a nightmare…

For venues, finding the perfect artist for your venue without a connection to the music industry was also hard work. Venue’s have to juggle so much to operate their. Without a solid understanding of what is needed for the organisation of live music (or the connections) live music or entertainment was a struggle to manage… And because of that live music unfortunately hasn’t become a staple offering at many venues.

We don’t like either of the above situations. So we created Muso.

Muso is the easiest way to manage live music for artists and venues.

Artists can manage all of their bookings through their central booking website, they can use a central calendar and payment system to make sure everything is clear… and they’re paid on time EVERY TIME. Artists can also browse our ‘Gig Feed’ a premium feature of Muso where hundreds of gigs are listed for artists to apply for.

Venues can find and book the best artists in their city in seconds. Muso’s suite of venue focused tools mean venues can understand everything required to book live music, then book it without any assistance. On Muso, venues can discover a roster of artists, then set their calendar up to operate live music at their venue in seconds.

Muso staff member wearing a branded tshirt at a live gig.
Muso brand representative giving a speech on stage.

The Core Team

Jeremiah - Muso CEO
Alan - Muso COO
Brandon - Head of product
Head of Product
Peta Head of community
Head of Community
Nikhil - Growth Manager
Growth Manager
Romanie - Operations Executive
Operations Executive
Dom - Business Development Manager
Business Development Manager
Jared - Senior Developer
Senior Developer

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