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BoomChild Whip Together A Phat Loungeroom Banger with ‘Cold Shoulder’



COVID-19: Things to spark inspiration while social-distancing

The only plus side of some psycho virus out there stopping us all from playing gigs and slamming on the industry we love, is that we’ve been given the ticket to a one-way forced staycation. A journey of artistic discovery, where one slows down in order to keep up and come out the other side. Where finding new ways to be creative will keep you from falling into the decline of insanity.


Words by Kavina.

More than just the numbers: Real impact of COVID-19 on the Australian Music Industry

A whopping $300 million has been lost in revenue by the Australian music industry. So what’s being done to help the industry bounce back when this is all over and what can we do to support musicians and venue owners?


Words by Annie-Mei Forster.

Some Tips to Take Care of Your Mental Health During Lockdown

As a creative, self isolation can be a scary thing when gigs are getting taken from under you, and you’re losing income quickly. To keep on top of the current affairs around us, it is really important to take some time for self care and look after your mental health.


Words by Gabrielle Zgrajewski.


New on the blog.

Get the chance to Play BEYOND THE VALLEY on NYE!

Muso HQ are giving one talented Muso the opportunity to be a part of this year’s number 1 New Year festival lineup.


Words by Muso.

BoomChild - ‘Every Little Thing’ Review

Sydney’s soulful music collective, BoomChild have just released their debut single and hooley dooley, she’s delightful.


Words by Peta.

Australian Music Week

We're heading to Cronulla - Wanna join?


Words by Peta.