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Five ways to network online

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It looks like we’ll all be making our friends online this year as we roll into mid August and all memories of live gigs have become hazy memories from a past life you. It’s not all bad though, with everyone inside it means they’ve got a bit more time to connect during COVID downtime, you just have to know how to reach out. No need to send out bulk facebook friend requests, we’re keeping it classy. 

To keep the collaborative spirit high, here’s five ways to help you navigate online networking during an ongoing pandemic.    

1.Hook up with a new online gang (hello facebook community) 

Engage with your music community by participating in online forums,  online networking events and groups. By signing up to online meetups or training events you’re linking with experts and novices alike. With the world in current lockdown, artists are taking the time to grow their community presence and connect with fans and peers by starting tutorials or live chat sessions on social platforms like instagram, facebook or a reddit Q&A. Or you could start one yourself, your next online networking meetup could be just an eventbrite virtual attendance away. You probably won’t need to wear pants or comb your hair. 

2.Offer some constructive feedback and opinions  

Interact with content shared by your favourite influencers, bands and labels by showing your support through words of encouragement, insightful opinions or answering questions posed by other fans and engagers. This is a great way to be seen as a valuable contributor and you never know who might reach out to you as a result for more follow up information. The world needs more constructive conversation, be the fascinating info thread that people want to see in the world. 

3. Lift up your community by showcasing other artists 

The best way to meet new people is to show them that you care about what they’re upto by sharing their projects. Whether it’s a review for new music or works you’ve been getting inspiration by, artists will appreciate the shoutout. Musicians are the tastemakers and trendsetters, so pool your knowledge into ‘best of’ playlists for your favourite labels and use spotify, beatport, or bandcamp playlists to help people find new music to buy. 

4. Follow up on old connections, or start the new conversations that you’ve been putting off

There’s no time like the present to reach out to old contacts that you’ve been feeling guilty for not following up, especially since we all have a lot more free time on our hands. Maybe you didn’t reply to an email and then it just got too awkward, or you’ve been putting off contacting that label rep who said you could ask them some questions. 

Your chances for getting a response and it actually being meaningful are pretty high because the industry is using this COVID downtime for idea development and building meaningful connections for when we get back to gigging. 

5. You get back what you put out there 

 There’s no need to start from scratch, just make your socials… a lot more social. Instead of posting pictures and announcing information, start asking your followers questions or putting out requests to collaborate. You might just have a mate link you up with a new graphic designer for your album cover, or meet a new songwriting genius. Put some tips up and respond to your music fam. Check out other profiles and reach out to people. This is a great way to slide into a deeper DM chat. 

There’s plenty of ways to keep busy meeting different artists online, starting with all the musicians in your area currently vibing on the same netflix, chill and online stalk schedule as you are. Some of them might even be fellow Muso App users, so delve a little deeper into the community you’re already part of, you never know who you’ll come across. Your new muso fam for life. Plus if you need any help finding new mates, we’ve been busy too so reach out to us and we’d be happy to inspire you. Or sign up to our app today and check out our instagram to see how our members are reaching out during COVID.

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