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Velvet Bloom - DM me

Along with YARA and the Vito Collective, Maddy Herbert (Velvet Bloom) releases the ultimate springtime bop, DM Me.

DM Me expresses a playful giddiness, it’s a joyous reference to the ease of creating the tinders of love online - the song’s inspiration came from a successful tinder date!

While there are so many #softboi meme pages squashing the sentiment of online whooing, Maddy wants the song to evoke an appreciation for when dating apps or direct messages lead to thriving relationships.

“I think, we’ve got to own it, there is so much idealism in the concept of meeting your knight in shining armour at a social event, cafe, bar etc, but it’s important to embrace our era of technology and not to discredit or be embarrassed of something that has flourished from a dating app or social media,” says Maddy.

From the kick of the intro’s blissful guitar riff, to the soft and intricate vocal layers of the final chorus, the song is contagion of ‘lovesick.’

I wasn’t in the mood for love until I heard this track on repeat. Now, all I want more than anything, is to ride off with my mystery hubby into the sunset with a travel-size Velvet Bloom band soundtracking our journey to happily ever after - and yes, of course there are animated animals frolicking.

Most love songs have a cringe element. Not this one. It’s just all round gleeful without the tac. Maddy relishes in her DM successes, noting that the song isn’t just about celebrating the romantic flames, but also about the bustling community networks transpiring online.

“Some of the most important friendships that I have are ones that have been made via DM - especially female friendships!”

Keep an eye out on Velvet Bloom’s socials for launch event details, or better yet, slip into her DMs.

Love the love.

- Peta

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