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James Seymour’s debut record has entered the music domain and it is a moving, experiential journey told through sincere and delicate delivery. 

Seymour’s drive to create hasn’t faltered since 2016. He’s maintained a regular stream of teasing single releases and an EP, ‘Hunch,’ (2018) to keep us keen. But finally, he’s tiptoed over into record territory with a full release, the magical canon that is ‘Cut Your Teeth’ - it even includes a track titled ‘Tiptoe,’ a modest decree of how he’s finally snuck this watermelon (get it?) of an album into our musical sphere. 

Out September 20, Feelds' debut has finally gifted his loyal and ever-growing following with an 11 track ode to life. From the inspiring worldly advice narrated by a bus driver in first track, ‘Mountain High,’ to the soft encouragement of going further and pushing past the comfort of complacency in ‘Full Grown,’ there’s a lot to learn from this string of tales. 

Every track entices a coming of age reflection, sprinkled with an optimistic instruction to feel along the way. His poetic messaging is disguised colloquially, offering endless interpretations that all seem to brew optimal feels. Warm your sweet mind/just don’t punish us/anymore (Awake, Spring Time) - damn. 

Feelds gritty, deep guitar hook trademark is back from the likes of ‘Bloody Mary,’ sneaking itself into several more tracks across the record. It’s a necessity and crucial part of his storytelling. The spaced out three strums echo in a way that makes you aware something enlightening is about to take place just after you learned some valuable shit about yourself. It’s like the music is saying ‘hey, that might have made you feel a bit emo but you gotta feel it to move on… and cue the uplifting chorus.’ 

This body of work truly is a product of hard work and community. Seymour credits his family, accompanists and friends for the production of the DIY record with huge soars of appreciation. 

While his supporters have enhanced the fruition of this humble record, Seymour’s mastering prowess, craftsmanship and songwriting etiquette proves him to be a step above the rest. 

Cut Your Teeth is a smooth and prophetic piece of indie music. We take our hats off to you, Mr Seymour, congratulations. 

If you want to taste the sweet goodness of this record in the flesh, you can catch Feelds supporting Tyne-James Organ at Howler in Melbourne on the 12th of October.

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- Peta

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