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Words by Alan.


You’re now a Muso, well, a muso on Muso. You’re staring at your screen ready to get gigs.

The best way to do that is to make your profile stand out.

We speak to our venues every day and have asked them what makes a profile stand out. Feel free to follow the below or tell us to take a hike. In the end your profile is a place to express and showcase yourself. Do the whatever the hell you want with it.

1. Get good shots.

Venues usually want to see who they’re booking. Many venues have a certain brand that they have to adhere, meaning they have to book certain type of acts that have a particular look. This will usually be the first barrier that a venue needs to jump over when booking.

A lot of venues don’t care at all and only want to know you’re a gun musician. But no matter what, having good press shots instantly differentiates you among others. If you’ve created a brand for your act, and your press shots match your brand, even better.

The Muso profile is designed to hero your profile image, so make sure it’s an absolute belter. If you don’t have good shots, send one of the Muso team an email and we will do what we can to connect you to one of the talented photographers we work with. You can use these images across all your comms.

Here are a few of our favourite profile photos that are a nail on the head type of operation.

2. Show yourself playing live.

Venues are buying into your live talent. They are booking you to hit the stage. Make sure that no matter what you have at least one video of you playing live.

Recorded tracks are a great way to show off your original music and the more intricate parts of your act.

However, at the end of the day the best profiles are the ones that have raw live talent on showcase. Usually recorded with a decent camera, however even an iPhone will suffice.

For DJ’s, the best profiles are the ones that have a live mix included. Again, a remix is an awesome way to showcase your prod skills but mixing is what you’ll be doing when you’re in the venue. If you have a live video of you mixing, even better. Vinyl DJ’s especially.

If you don’t have a video of you playing live contact someone from the Muso team. We hold showcases for artists to play a few songs and get their live act on video, if there is a free spot we will put your name on it. Like photography, we also have an awesome videographer pool that we can hook you up with.

General rule for videos: Upload one or two of you playing live, then one of your originals (or a remix for DJs).

3. Talk yourself up.

Australian musicians hate talking themselves up and showing off, it’s not in our nature and can sometimes feel uncomfortable, we would rather our music do the talking.

Do that plus a lot more on your Muso profile.

Your bio is the place to talk about everything you’ve done or want to do. Gigs you’ve played, EP’s you’ve launched, wins you’ve had. Talk yourself up and talk about the style of music you can play.

Creative bios are perfect for press releases however the bios that work the best on Muso are the ones that simply explain the style of music you can play and the amount of versatility within your set. Confidence is important.

Lastly, make sure you have at least 2 videos on your profile, one as the hook, the other as the verification and prove consistency. Also make sure that you have a different cover image for each track. A full profile has so much more bang for buck. This is what it will look like.

You’re on Muso for a reason.

We have seen your talent and preach for you to venues. Make sure that it follows through on your profile to land you as many gigs as you can. As always, let us know if you want to add a feature to Muso profiles. We will do what we can to get it in there.

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