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How to write a music artist press release

Words by Emilia Schnall.

Generally, with the release of new music, a music video, tour or a launch party, you want to gain some traction and buzz. Essentially, you want radio interviews, online reviews and of course people coming to listen, watch and engage with your new release. How do you go about getting the word out there, and getting people excited? The magic two words, a ​press release​!

A press release is a document outlining some crucial information about the material you are releasing, whether that’s a music video or tour etc. It needs to contain all the information a press contact needs to help promote your upcoming launch.

Follow the five simple steps below, and you can learn how to write a press release to send to radios, magazines, reviewers and your mailing list, to ensure you inform people and create some hype.

  1. Title for release and press photo

On the first page of your document, you need a heading describing what you’re trying to pitch. As a guide, you can’t go wrong with this formula: “(Name of the artist) releasing (name of the occasion) on the (date)”

Below your eye-catching title, you can add one high-quality press picture, whether that be the album cover, a relevant press photo or a poster of the event.

2. Capture statement, bio and history

Below your press picture, write a short, one or two-sentence bio or ‘capture statement’ that draws in the reader, so they want to discover more. Your bio can be as simple as an explanation of who you are, what you do, e.g. vocalist, classical musician, where you were born and live, and details about what you are releasing.

In the next paragraph, you can go into detail with more information about your act and release, musical history and past achievements. Keep this section of the document as straightforward paragraphs and avoid lengthy block sections of text.

3. Quote + closing statement

To close the informative section of your press release, you can add a personal quote that promoters can use ‘direct from the artist’ to help plug the announcement. For example, “We are thrilled about our upcoming tour. We’ve already experienced sell-out shows and are eager to get back on the road and meet you all!” If you have one-line press quotes or reviews from reputable sources, you can add them here!

After the quote section, you can finish with a one or two-line closing statement that recaps the essential information, such as “Catch (act name) on (date) at (venue) for (event), this is a show not to miss.”

4. Release info - dates, locations, where to find music and socials links

To complete your press release, write down the essential information about the announcement as a recap.

Note key dates and locations for the release - for example, if you’re touring, you would include “(Artist name and name of the tour) (year)”. Underneath clearly state the date, venue and location of each tour spot on a separate line. If it is a one-time event, write the information out in bold.

Also, be sure to include all your social media links so that people know where to check you out (Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp etc.)

5. Attachments

Along with your press release attached to the email, you can add any other relevant attachments that you think may catch your press contact’s attention, including: 

If the files are too large, or you would like to make them easier to access, you can compile a basic electronic press kit​ (EPK)​ which consists of the files previously mentioned. An EPK is organised neatly in a folder, to which promoters etc. can have private access.

These steps can apply to anything from announcing an international tour or pitching to an online magazine for an exclusive write up about your new single. You can even send the press release to local radio stations anticipating an interview about the lead-up to your launch. Hopefully, with these five steps, you can become a press release expert!

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