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Words by Alan.

Muso is more than an app. Once you become a Muso the benefits go far beyond booking gigs. We try and do as much as we can for our artists and want to eventually provide access to industry support and education. We want more live music, and a part of that is creating greater accessibility and transparency.

Muso is driven on providing services and programs that work to educate musicians on the realities of the live music industry. We work on a lot of different initiatives and programs behind the app, some of which are on the brink of announcement. Many of the Musos who work with us are tried and tested, they’ve fought the fights of the industry and are keen to give back to the community and pass on their learnings. Something that our friends at JMC have been doing for almost 40 years. 

Today we are proud to announce our exclusive partnership with JMC Academy.

JMC Academy is Australia’s leading creative industries provider, offering courses across the creative industries including performance, songwriting, entertainment business management, and audio; integrating real experience with real learning. Their staff and alumni network reach deep into the music industry among others. We couldn’t be happier to partner with such an experienced music education provider who combines theory with the realities of their respective industries. Something that we’re huge on.

When we met some of the team in the music and songwriting courses, we very quickly knew that we had to work together.

Their energised and contemporary approach to music studies is something that Muso can’t help but gravitate towards. Their commitment and willingness to help young musicians sustain themselves in rewarding careers is so important and this combined with the infectious energy of the team hint at an epic partnership between us.

JMC will be offering their industry experience to our Musicians with access to educational opportunities including exclusive lectures, feature content and advice from lessons learnt. JMC will also be running dedicated short workshops which Muso users will have first access to, something we’re all doing collective high-fives about. This will eventually occur across JMC’s Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane campuses.

Unfortunately there are elements of the industry that are designed to create competition. We fully believe that the best operators are the ones that are willing to share, help and support. So we’re partnering with JMC – as our exclusive education partner in a one-team-one-dream kind of way to work towards the mission of a more accessible live music industry, more live music and a generation of musos better equipped to make a living out of doing what they love best.

You will see a lot of work come out of this partnership in the coming weeks and we couldn’t be more excited.

If you’re interested in any of JMC’s offerings across Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane check them out here.

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