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Creative small business grants of up to $30,000 up for grabs from City of Melbourne

Are you a small business with a big idea?

If you’ve got a new music business idea or want to test a prototype, City of Melbourne’s small music business grants and event sponsorship applications could be the way to get your project off the ground.

Small businesses make up 80% of Melbourne’s total businesses and are vital in boosting the economy and creating products that Melburnians need.

This year the small business grants program has opened a new development category to support people to test pilot programs, conduct trials and test the market to validate proposals.

Past recipients include Tempus Entertainment, Melbourne’s only music studio providing high end, affordable professional music production catering to a wide range of musical styles.

All you need to apply is a strong business proposal and a great idea. The council will help you out with start-up, development and expansion so stop dawdling and get your proposal in! There are grants of up to $30,000 available.

How do I apply?


Get in quick because applications close midnight on March 16. Check the City of Melbourne website for more info.

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