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Words by Alan.

The Mamas.

Ahhh, The Mamas. Where do we start. Besides being hilarious, witty and fierce, The Mamas produce track after track that lift our spirits. The Mamas are great example of what happens when you take four sassy individuals and bring them together to make modern soul, fused with fem hop. Their act is highly choreographed without looking choreographed at all. Honestly we’re still not sure if they are. They’re so effortlessly together that is looks like it was meant to be.

The Mamas bring so much power to any stage they set foot on. They are so god damn funky and fun. If you haven’t been to a Mamas show, it’s definitely something to add to the bucket list. Their 4-part harmonies soar over their groovy basslines, coming together to produce a sound that appears familiar but is brought to fruition with a new Mamas-Only kind of way.

Their stage presence is only reinforced by the calibre of their original tracks. Besides being one the of the best clips we’ve ever snean. Sneans (a crowd favourite in our office), is such meticulously staggered track bringing some straight fire. Listen to it.  

Mona Bay.

Mona Bay produces some seriously solid music to drive to, but also run aimlessly down a beach to. Something they do themselves in their clip for ‘Plastered’. A top-notch track of their latest EP – Big Problem. 

The lead vocalists ‘XXX’ has a voice that is equal parts dreamy and harsh. We love it and we want more. Their attitude is so on point, it shines through in their clips and you can hear hints of it in their music. Their debut EP (something we’ll cover in more detail soon) has the highs and lows of a one-day music festival. Quick paced belters to get you going, moving into more sombre pieces such as Summer Roberts to get you home and nurse you after the big day.

There are hints of their influences throughout their music and it seems that the band has only begun making a dint in the local scene. The group roots sound like they came straight out of a garage but finessed to the point where they could easily fill a bill with notable Aussie acts. We can hear the talent a mile away and can’t wait to see where they end up.

We predict this year to be a big one for Mona Bay. 


Maya is such a familiar face on the Melbourne gig scene. From humble begingings MAYA began her career playing any gig she could get by door knocking and hustling to get gigs. She is the true definition of dedication. This dedication has seen her rise to the top of Melbourne’s gigging game, getting consistent work at some of Melbourne’s biggest functions and events.

This has extended itself to recognition across the nation, having sung the national anthem on live TV for Australia, but also, more recently having been selected as one of 5 rising female starts to represent cotton on nationwide. She is kicking goals left right and centre, and for a good reason.

MAYA’s voice has so much power, she draws attention like we’ve never seen before from the moment she steps on stage. She leaves crowds frozen and fixated. Her ability to move everyone to the edge of their seat whilst simultaneously getting them to rock out is a delicate art that she has nailed. She uses every centimetre of the stage to captivate audiences.

Every set is a journey that is a true testament to her ability and experience. Her original music is also something we’ve kept a close eye on for a while. Have a listen to ‘Blackout. It’s a stand out track that had air time on Triple J.


Luke Thorne aka Thorne is without a doubt an up and comer to watch. This is one of those listen first read later artists. So listen to his newest track before reading on.

Listen to his new release here.

“Thorne colours your pallet with soothing electronic sounds.”

We tend to agree. Thorn has a smooth and silky voice that sits perfectly within a concoction of live instrumentation and electronic sounds. His music has so much texture and layering to it that it’s a challenge not to get lost in it.

Thorne is a professionally trained musician that has taken a step out of traditional formats, you can hear slivers of jazz and soul throughout his music, something that takes care and precision to nail with integrity.

It’s incredibly clear that his music is something that bends and blends. Many of our artists are pioneering new sounds modeled off the old, however Thorne is really doing something new. His songs progress through light and shade, fast and slow. Thorne is truly a harmonic flavour to dance or chill to. We only just discovered him recently and have had him on repeat.

Thorne and the rest of our Musos are available to book at Muso.

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